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    Aher Persuade People to Improve Quality of Life


    KUNINGAN-In the moment of the Islamic New Year 1438 Hijrah, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), persuasde people to work together to improve the quality of life, both in the world, as well as in the hereafter, in the future as well. It is a form to move toward a better life than before.

    "Who would not want to be rich, taqwa, and to heaven. That's why we have the prayer 'Rabbana Aatinaa Fiddunnyaa Hasanah, Wa Fil Aakhirati Hasanah, Waqinaa' adzaa Ban Naar," which means "Our Lord, give us good life in the world and the good of the afterlife, and keep us from the torment of hell fire, "Reveals Governor Aher at the Tabligh Akbar Welcoming the New Year Islamic 1438 Hijri, in Kuningan Regency Hall, jl.Siliwangi No. 45, Saturday night (1/10).

    Aher said that Muslims are people who balanced. Thus, to improve the quality of life, it is also necessary 'bebenah' on the balance of the life of the world and the hereafter. Live well in the world based on taqwa, can be an asset for someone to worship in the way of Allah. So that the material possessed useful as a bridge between the world of a prosperous life, to a life hereafter survivors.

    "This means that the Muslims should be able to show a balance in life. I hope the younger generation of Muslims in West Java, in the future comes as the generation that balanced between world and hereafter," said Aher.

    "His education was okay, his health steadily, then his pocket contains, faith in Allah Inshaa Allah, that's what we expected," he explained.

    Not only that, Aher also persuaded Muslims to love the Prophet Muhammad. Aher said that Cinta Rasul is a necessity. Bershalawat to the great Prophet Muhammad is a duty.

    "Shalawat is one of our duties, none of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah said not to prayers. Even our prayers, our Tasyahud unauthorized without Shalawat to the Prophet Muhammad," said Aher.

    Also present at the event, the Regent Kuningan Acep Purnama, the head of Kuningan district legislature, the head of Boarding Schools, Islamic community organizations, the Village Head as well as residents of Kuningan District.

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