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    Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control is difficult to Monitor Illegal Pharmaceutical Factory


    BANDUNG-Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control or POM is continuously monitoring the pharmaceutical company that produces medicines.

    Head POM Bandung, Abdul Rahim, said the form of supervision for example we can find out the amount of production of the drugs are made, the amount of which was circulated to the amount of drug that is channeled through the recipes.

    "Monitoring from POM to registered Pharmaceutical factory is so tight, we have to be sure how much is produced, how much and how many were distributed based on the prescriptions from authorized doctors," he said

    However, according to Abdul Rahim, there are still drugs on the market illegally without the knowledge of the POM, the possibilities made by the factories that are not obvious existence or illegal factory.

    "Some time ago we found certain drugs are misused, it mentions pharmaceutical factory but once we confirm to the factory, they did not make abused drugs, it means that there is illegal factories making such abused drugs.

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