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    Socialization of Using Benzodiazepines is Needed


    BANDUNG-benzodiazepine, or better known as sedatives, is kind psikotoprika which the most widely prescribed in the world, including in Indonesia.

    However, these drugs are often prescribed irrationally and not according to the rulesnso often misused, which could result in someone forgot with all
    he had done, including violation of the law.

    Therefore, according to the Chairman of the Alumni Association of University School of Medicine Padjadjaran (Unpad), Bambang Setiohajo, the need for dissemination to all society benefits and dangers of taking the drug for health soul.

    what we need is our consciousness, we do not get involved and this is our common task because this is a social problem so we are responsible for all, we and community need this socialization, I think this is one form of prevention, "he said.

    According to Bambang, in the Faculty of Medicine, it also equip students to know how to recognize addiction and how to prevent excessive in purchasing prescription.

    "In our education we provide insight to students how knowing addiction and prevent excessive purchases because sometimes we do not control, "said Bambang, told reporters in a Symposium and Workshop Benzodiazepines, at Aston Primera, Saturday (01/10).

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