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    Danrindam Open Education For First Officer Army


    BANDUNG-Danrindam III / Siliwangi Infantry Colonel Widi Prasetijono represents Military Commander III / Siliwangi opens the education for first officer (Dikmaba) phase I year 2016 in Patriot Field Secaba Rindam III / SLW Bihbul Bandung, Thursday (29/9).

    In the message that was read by Danrindam, Dikmaba aims to develop the ability of soldiers to have attitude and behavior as a soldier Sapta Marga and Oath Soldiers who have basic knowledge and skills Army.

    "Choosing the path of devotion to be a soldier of the army was not a profession that promises material and pleasure, but chose to be a soldier is an honor and pride that is invaluable," he said.

    he said , that pride does not come by itself but must be built, grown and then maintained.

    "Pride can be achieved by maintaining self respect and follow this education in earnest and full of responsibility," he said.

    Changing the behavior of civil society into a soldier of the army is not easy, it will be formed through education and physical and mental well-prepared students to be primed so that the aspiration to become a soldier can be realized and achieved the proud achievement.

    The opening of the education attended by Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General Wuryanto, Irdam III / SLW, The Advisor to the military commander, the assistant Kasdam III / SLW, The Kabalakdam III / SLW and the Board of Dansat Military Command III / Siliwangi and the other invitees.

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