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    Placement Rules of Data Center in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Associated with discourse by Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara to loosen the foreign company's obligation not to build a data center in Indonesia, Member of the House of Representatives Commission I Sukamta spoke.

    According Sukamta, the government argued that obligation leeway so that Indonesia can be more competitive in the international landscape,

    "Nevertheless, the government must undo such intentions. In fact, the government should have a firmer stance in an effort to strengthen the telecommunications industry in Indonesia, "said Sukamta in Jakarta, Friday (30/9), as well as a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (30/9) afternoon.

    Sukamta added some reason the placement of Data Center should be in Indonesia, first, Data Center market in the Indonesian is very competitive. In addition, many professionals human resources in the country and low cost compared to neighboring countries.

    "In addition to the Data Center held in Indonesia, digital companies can further improve their services in terms of speed and stability of access because it can reduce the hops route. That is why most data center companies in Singapore began to shift its data center to Indonesia, in addition to economic considerations are also considered to be safe, "said PKS Legislator from Electoral Yogyakarta.

    Second, related with economic benefits. Placement Data Center in Indonesia will contribute to the economy. Referring to Telematics Research Institute Data Sharing Vision, needs data center in Indonesia estimated at close to 150,000 square meters (raised floor) with the business value of Rp 4 trillion. Internet users in Indonesia until 2015 reached 72 million people, mostly active using social media.

    "Therefore, implementation and enforcement of rules and strict laws are needed, so that Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo, YouTube, and so on, can contribute to the economy, because clearly they open advertising space. Compare with when we send an SMS to any homeland operator, VAT taxable cash coming into the country, "added Doctor from the University of Salford, England.

    Third, related to cyber security (cyber security), information security, and monitoring content. Added by Sukamta, if the Data Center is overseas,our data can be accessible anytime anywhere. Government Regulation No. 82 Year 2012 concerning Electronic Transactions Article 17 Paragraph 2 mentions Electronic System Operator for public services required to put the data center and disaster recovery center in Indonesia for the benefit of law enforcement, protection, and enforcement of state sovereignty to the data of its citizens.

    In fact, added Sukamta, in 2015 the European Court decided the Safe Harbor agreement does not apply. Thus, social media, such as Facebook or Twitter must keep the data customer in Europe so it can't be abused and out of the country without permission.

    "I think it is important the Minister expressed the company's data, the government must be firm about the Placement rules of Data Center in Indonesia

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