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    PON XIX / 2016, West Java Records a History



    BANDUNG-Biggest sports event in Indonesia, the National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 West Java was over. Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla officially closed the event on the Closing Ceremony of PON XIX / 2016 at  Bandung Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA), Gedebage, Bandung, on Thursday night (29.09.16).

    West Java came out as the overall champion by collecting 531 medals (217 gold, 157 silver and 157 bronze). With this achievement, West Java also made history and won the most gold medals along the PON held since 1951.

    Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla (JK) in his speech said the National Sports Week (PON) became a symbol of unity and enhancing the strength of the nation.

    "Sport is not only a game, not only to compete, but of course also fostering our physical strength all, enhancement of health for all, foster cooperation, fostering honesty, because that every act of honesty is considered unsportsmanlike," said Vice President Kalla Jussuf.

    So that's the importance of a National Sports Week by JK.

    Related Pun closing ceremony, said JK treats 'Harmony Nusantara' shown Jabar, symbolizing how beautiful togetherness, diversity of Indonesia.

    "Precisely because we are different we have the beauty and unity," he said.

    JK hope, achievement of the participants PON this time to continue to become better honed.

    Not only that, JK also stated that the PON XIX / 2016 West Java ends with a very well today. Pun fore, JK wants the sports week, PON XX 2020 will take place in the province of Papua, make West Java as an example seen from experience.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor as Chairman of PB PON XIX 2016 West Java Ahmad Heryawan said, as it has been proclaimed that the indicators of the success of PON XIX 2016 contained in the creed of the successful chess. For successful performance of the indicator, it can be seen that the entire match in 44 branches and 61 venues in 16 regencies / cities can run smoothly according to schedule.

    "There are some games that had hampered because of their protests and little unrest, but the whole game can be resumed until the final round. If calculated from the 5205 match that lasted PON, recorded only 11 games that had constrained, which means that only 0.2 percent , "The oracle of Aher.

    "Then, if measured by the number of disputes submitted to the Council matches Judge PB PON XIX reached only 9 cases, down considerably from the previous PON which accounted for 21 cases," solid.

    None of support services match, Aher stated that things - things such as service accommodation, food, transportation, health, security and information systems almost no complaints are significant from the participants, as well as on the availability of infrastructure of venues and equipment of the game, almost all participants and the executive committee expressed its satisfaction.

    He continued, for the successful achievement indicators, reflected among other things from the number of record-breaking, which reached 89 record PON, 33 National Records, 1 Record Sea Games, 26th Asian record, and 5 World Record.

    "Furthermore, the PON XIX was also born the legends of new sportsmen Indonesia, like swimmer West Java berhail won eight gold medals in PON this time, then there are athletes who have been 3 times in a row is even more participated and won the gold medal on the PON, "she pointed out.

    For the success of economic empowerment, event PON XIX is felt to be a blessing for many economic actors, ranging from the construction sector which is engaged in the preparation of venues and access roads to the venues, the Industry sector of sports equipment, economic operators in the hospitality sector, restaurants, culinary and also the perpetrators transport sector enterprises, garment, handicraft and tourism increased its business turnover during penyelenggaaan PON XIX 2016 in West Java.

    Of course with the successful achievement of the organization, the successful achievements and successful economic empowerment, the governor also hoped the PON XIX also be covered perfectly with the successful achievement of administration, ie when all the activity report and financial governance PON XIX was acceptable and rated accountable.

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