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    Jokowi: The State Government Will Soon Restore Garut



    GARUT-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan accompany President Joko Widodo directly review the emergency response of flood disasters in Garut, West Java, on Thursday (09/29/2016).

    The President visited a number of posts countermeasures such as the Main Post Disaster Emergency Response Flood in Kodim 0611 / Garut, visited the General Hospital Dr. Slamet and met refugees in one of the refugee camps located in District Tarogong South, also provide direct assistance to communities in the area of ??Terminal Guntur , Garut.

    Interrupted his review, Jokowi said that the search for missing persons will be intensified and it is estimated there are 19 people who need to be found.

    While compensation for the victims' families have also been given by the Minister of Social Affairs (Social Affairs). "Then we check the construction had been in the field for the berms also be done immediately, and clean water will soon be done," said Jokowi.

    Additionally related to construction of flats, Jokowi stated after her discussions with the Garut Regent construction of flats will be done as quickly - quickly, too, for the purposes of residence in the disaster area Sumedang.

    "Then for public facilities, hospitals, and schools, are still in the process of calculating whether renovating existing or relocated to another place," he said.

    "But if there is a safer land would be great if relocated," said Jokowi.

    Then the damage in the upstream watershed Cimanuk, Jokowi also stated that the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, have gone down to the field and will do land conservation, will also be improved spatial planning, as well as enforcement of environmental law.

    "Would I ordered legal action by the police for the offender!" he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said residents of flood victims who lost their house will be placed into rusunawa belonging to Ministry of PU-PERA that will be donated to Garut.

    Rusunawa Mangkurakyat village, District Cilawu, Garut, from 98 units available, 60 units have been filled with the number of displaced as many as 259 people. The subsidized apartments have a source of clean water from PDAM Tirta Intan Garut.

    "Residents of flood victims will be placed in subsidized apartments belonging to Ministry of Public Works-PERA that will be donated to Garut, this certainly must be supported by all parties," said Aher.

    Also present accompanying President LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya, Basuki Hadimuljono Minister of Public Works, Minister of Health Nilla F Moeloek, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Teten Masduki and Rudi Gunawan Garut regent.

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