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    West Java Efficiency Budget of Rp 1,568 Trillion Due to SPSE


    BANDUNG-Level of efficiency the implementation an electronic procurement system (SPSE) in West Java on 2009-2015 period reached up to 14.71% with total savings of Rp1,568 trillion over seven years of budget absorption.

    Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), Governor of West Java, said the government digitization has led to the birth of transparency and accountability in the efficiency customs. “So that the entire tender could cut a lot of costs. It is still in the process of improvement, especially in the existing of principles and ecosystem," he said in Bandung, Thursday (12/11).

    The principles related to the procurement policy more flexible and qualified. The tender winner is who giving the best product/service with reasonable price.

    According to him, many cases shown that the cheapest is often create a problem. Because not considering the quality of goods.

    Secondly, the quality of the cheapest goods often raises legal dispute when the losing vendor reported the winner vendor to the officials agency to be investigated.

    “It is complicated due to of legal reporting, and the paradigm of participants was always chasing the cheapest price. I have conveyed to Bappenas on 10 November, to change tender principle that the tender winner is prioritising the best quality at a reasonable price," he said.

    The budget efficiency of West Java provincial government is Rp1,568 trillion consists of the achievements of the year 2009 is amount of Rp186,929 billion or saving up to 18.11%, in 2010 is amount of Rp 243,346 billion (15.41%), and in 2011 is amount of Rp 255,829 (15.40%).

    Subsequently, in 2012 is amount of Rp 173,242 billion (12.75%), in 2013 is amount of Rp169,741 billion (13.63%), in 2014 is amount of Rp 156,633 billion (14.39%), and November 6th, 2015 is amount of Rp383,107 billion (16.64%).

    If it accumulated with state budget in regional budget, SPSE in West Java in period 2008-2015 has saved Rp 3.22 trillion (13.66%) of 19.729 work packages with the ceiling of Rp 24,335 trillion and reduced of Rp 20,815 trillion.

    In addition to West Sumatra and East Java, West Java was recorded as a pioneer in Indonesian who implementing the SPSE, also classified as the first province who 100% applying SPSE.

    Aher continued to improve the SPSE ecosystem related to tendered of all products included in the electronic catalog.

    "Take for example, tender should not mentioned the brand of “Kijang". But for the requirement so tricked by directing specifications to other ‘Kijang” brand through strengthened the ecosystem," he said.

    Similarly, participants and relevant officials in the procurement of medical equipment are often jailed. This situation also occurs for the same reason, which is not yet been cataloged.

    "We believe, if SPSE is perfected in the principle and ecosystem, so that people of West Java and Indonesia can obtain the best. We must be motivated to present public facilities such as Gedung Sate and Pakuan Building. It has more than a century but changing the main structure has not been conducted," he concluded.


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