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    DLP program is recommended for Termination



    BANDUNG-member of Commission XI of the House of Representatives, Adang Sudrajat in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (28/9) said the government was asked to stop the program Primary Physician Services (DLP).
    "I get feedback from fellow doctors throughout Indonesia both personal and institutional IDI DLP program as soon as possible in order to stop immediately," he said.
    Medical education has the longest period of education in Indonesia. A person who wants to become a doctor, should be educated medical degree at least 4 years. Then, after koasisten it must be a period of 2 years. After graduating koasisten, continued to undergo competency tests for one year. Lastly, it must undergo a 1 interensif, after which it can run a medical practice's profession.
    "DLP Program for 3 years, will increase the length of the process of educating a doctor. The addition of DLP 3 years of education resulting in slowness new doctors entering the workforce and the disruption of performance and service life of senior doctors, "he added.
    Despite the increase in the period of education, it does not necessarily increase the competitiveness of doctors in Indonesia for
     DLP is still a general practitioner.
    In addition, the DLP program will waste the state budget is so great because for one person DLP takes a fee of USD 300 million. Therefore, to produce 1,000 DLP, the government will have to spend Rp 300 billion. DLP program will not be able to improve service in FKTP (Health Facility Level One), despite the enhanced ability FKTP.
    Therefore, when calculating capitation system is maintained in FKTP, then the doctor will choose the DLP was still refer their patients rather than be a deduction of income clinic. This resulted in the goal to reduce the amount of the claims bill from the hospital to BPJS, will not be achieved, so that waste costs the National Health Insurance (JKN) persists.
    "DLP potentially provoking the horizontal conflict between general practitioners and general practitioners non DLP DLP. Because in the end general practitioner will be divided into two castes or 2 groups with different rights and privileges, "he said.
    With the DLP program, there have been conflicts between the IDI, the Ministry of Health, as well as Kemenristekdikti. In fact, this is a national health regulatory setback.
    "To avoid a deterioration of the national health regulations need to find a solution that is more rational and realistic. If there will be a case of potential goodness but lead to bad consequences are real, then avoid the bad effects must be given priority rather than an uncertain benefit obtained, "he concluded. (NR)
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