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    Geopark Ciletuh Can Boost Indonesia's Tourism



    BANDUNG-Safri Burhanuddin, Deputy Minister for Human Resources, Science and Technology and Maritime Culture, the Ministry of Maritime Coordinator and Resources of Indonesia, said that Indonesia's presence at the International Conference of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network (GGN) can provide a positive impact for Indonesia, especially in the world of tourism

    "It is our effort to help the target of increasing the number of tourists to Indonesia and increase the number of tourist destinations in Indonesia," he said.

    Therefore, according Safri, the necessary coordination of cross-ministries to synergize some aspects of the synergy along the tourism ministry.

    "Later on acceleration geopark in Indonesia also requires coordination with the Ministry of Transport, Energy and Mineral Resources, related infrastructure and other preparations," said Safri, through www.Jabarprov.go.id release received on Wednesday (28/09).

    Safri added, the participation of business sectors such as Bio Farma in the development of this Geopark is successful, the application program must be sustained or sustainable development.

    "This will create a link and match and strengthening and empowering the community in some locations geopark need the support of the business sector companies or state-owned enterprises," he said. (Parno)

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