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    Vice Governor: Media and Government Like Best Friend


    BANDUNG-Mass media are government partners who needs to carry out its mission well, especially in shaping public perception. Therefore, media should provide objective information without eliminating critical issue. If it in a analogy, the relation between mass media and provincial government as a friend who will help when needed and criticise when wrong.

    It stated by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar to the journalists in Kuningan district on Wednesday (11/11) night, as informed by West Java Secretariat of Public Relations in the release.

    "I think on how this strategic partner is carrying out the mission well. With the information provided, the public can know what government conducting. But it should not eliminate the values that need to be scrutinised objectively," said Demiz.

    On the occasion also attended by Deputy Chairman of the West Java Parliament Suryanagara Irfan, Head of Protocol and Public Relations (HPU) West Java province Rudi Gandakusumah, and also Regent of Kuningan Utje Choeriah Suganda.

    Deddy appreciate the good relations with media so far and hopes for better relation in the next. "Hopefully our performance better in the future. So that media can provide information which fast, precise, and accurate. But if there are to be scrutinised please be reminded it, because that's function of best friend," he said.

    Head of HPU Rudi Gandakusumah added that media has a very important role in shaping the institution image. Therefore, the purpose of this activity is to build the relationship between provincial government of West Java with mass media.

    Kuningan Regent Utje Choeriah Suganda said media as sources of information can promote the cultural treasures of Kuningan district, such as a district located at the foot of Mount Ciremai with an area of 1178.57 square km, and has a strategic location around border of West Java and Central Java.

    "Tourism in Kuningan already started forward with the growth of hotels and tourist objects. With the Cipali toll also increasingly beneficial. The foreign and domestic tourists can be more attracted to come and enjoy the existing potential in the eastern of West Java," he explained.

    The specific themes that discussed at that occasion is "Raising Potential of Arts and Culture at District Kuningan”. At that discussion, Demiz expressed his interest in the natural beauty of Kuningan

    "Kuningan has a very great nature, good conservation, as a source of water. It's remarkable. The beauty of the panorama and cultural uniqueness also be an attraction itself," said Vice Governor.


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