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    AAA rating, PT. KAI Finance is Considered Healthy



    BANDUNG- PT KAI get a rating of 'AAA' from Petindo (VT Securities Rating Indonesia) as a company that is able to meet long-term financial commitments.

    Rating AAA or triple A. Slab / e Outlook This is the highest rating given by Petindo. In this case the ability of the obligor (KAI) to meet long-term financial commitments relative to other Indonesian obligor, is superior.

    "This rating indicates the financial condition of PT KAI healthy and above average. The company also experienced significant increases in revenue each year," said President Director of PT KAI Edi Sukmoro in Bandung.

    A proud achievement of corporate documents also that unit KAI successfully obtained accreditation certificate archives with an A from the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI).

    KAI also ranks 3rd best national archival unit 2016 SOE category and ranked first national model in 2016 on behalf of Land Ownership Document Assistant Manager, Erna Purwatiningsih. jo

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