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    Muslim Aid Provide Clean Water in Garut Refugee Camp



    GARUT-undertaking means flood evacuation post Garut in Makorem 062 / Tarumanegara revealed the lack of clean water in the bathing place in the post evacuation emergency.

    "The number of refugee applications for bathing and washing, ultimately making our initiative to make an emergency bath. However, the absence of water pipes and machines made it difficult to deliver water to the baths emergency we make "said First Lieutenant Infantry Dankima Sutamat, Wednesday (28/09/2016).

    Sutamat said bath is made to a refugee emergency is maintained clean. "How many refugees today in the mosque Makorem shower and toilet for the officers" he said.

    Knowing this, Muslim Aid Indonesia Makorem provide assistance in coordination with the installation of water pipes, water pumps, electricity for lighting in emergency bath and shower equipment for the refugees.

    "Because of clean water is a major focus in response to disaster response in Garut. Muslim Aid immediately advocate for the needs of refugees in post Makorem 062 / Tarumanegara "said Country Director of Muslim Aid Indonesia, Mahfuzur Rahman.

    According to Mahfouz, Muslim Aid Indonesia will continue to monitor and provide assistance to disaster response status revoked by the government. In addition, the rehabilitation program for refugees will also be implemented in line with the data collected by a team of Muslim Aid Indonesia in the field.

    "The plan in the later rehabilitation Muslim Aid Indonesia will be partnered with the local and national levels" he concluded.

    Earlier, Muslim Aid Indonesia humanitarian assistance by distributing food, clothing in men, women and children under five. This distribution is done in three refugee shelters in Garut namely in post Mangkuraya refugee village, the village Sukakarya and Makorem 062 / TN.



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