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    Aher: Cheating Problem, Not Much Information In accordance Facts



    BANDUNG-problems that occurred around 2016 PON XIX Jabar such as fraud, refereeing controversies, until unsportsmanlike attitude during a match, has been coloring all the controversy in the quadrennial sports event. It attracted the attention of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to urge the public to always review the return on information obtained from any media, so that the information circulating reliable validity.

    "A lot of information is not necessarily in accordance with the facts on the ground, circulating in the community. In the cases of riots during PON lasted more inviting public attention, especially netizens who receive information through social media, which is not necessarily valid," said Aher that also became Chairman of PB PON XIX while in Trans Luxury Hotel, Tuesday afternoon (27/09/2016).

    Aher explain the phenomena perceived difference in addressing the information, obtained by netizens on social media about the unrest in several sports around the PON. He appealed to the people, especially netizens social media users to not be skeptical in addressing the information obtained. Issue of verification or review of the information is necessary for society to accept the fact valid.

    There is now there is a problem of some sports such as water polo, wrestling, and horse riding are very attracted the attention of netizens during 2106. PON Aher also explained for the case makes Jabar as any media spotlight. Although there is some controversy did not dampen the determination to succeed Jabar in PON 2016 to complete activities.

    "In reconstructing the facts for public consumption, should be balanced by verification that was not enough once. This problem makes Jabar as a reasonable public scrutiny, especially from other provinces due to the status as hosts," added Aher.

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