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    PON XIX 2016: Closing Ceremony of Gliding



    SUBANG-Tuesday (27/9) at 08.00 WIB in Kodiklat Glider Suryadarma Kalijati Subang air base held Closing Game Sports Glider PON XIX West Java 2016.
    The closing ceremony was attended by the commander of the military air base Marsma Suryadarma Suparmono, Regional Secretary of the District. Subang Drs. H. Abdurakhman, M.Si, Tekkal Windik Commander Col. Tech. V. Andy P. Suartha, SH., 8 Wing Commander Colonel Pilot. Swoop, S. Sos., Police Chief Adjunct Senior Subang. Yudhi Sulistyanto Wahid, S.Ik, Chief Referee sports Glider Herminto Prasetyo, S.IP., M.AP, the ceremony participants from each contingent, and other invited guests.
     The closing ceremony was performed by the Art Sisingaan as distinctive arts original tradition Subang district. At the closing ceremony held also pengalungan medals to the winners of sports competitions gliding from each contingent.
    The achievement gold medals achieved by contingent Jakarta stood at seven (7) gold medals, while a contingent of West Java won only one (1) gold medal in Duration Flight Single Seater Son on behalf Sugianto, and one gold medal again in reach by DIY Yogyakarta contingent on a number Seater Mixed Dual Precision Landing on behalf of Danang / Nurinara.
     Commander Lanud Suryadarma Marsma TNI Suparmono in his speech expressed his congratulations on behalf of yourself and the people Lanud Suryadarma Kalijati to the entire contingent of sports gliders who have completed the entire event for 10 (ten) than from the date of 18 to 27 September 2016, with safe, secure and seamless ,
    Commander Lanud Suryadarma also say thank you to all involved either directly or indirectly, as well as congratulate the athletes who won medals, to which no medal commander of the air base Suryadarma convey the presence of athletes not only to compete, but athletes have chalked participation in the aerospace field in Indonesia.
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