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    In Front of The STIKES Graduates, Demiz Emphasized 10 Indicators of PHB



    KAB.CIAMIS Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) attended the graduation ceremony College of Health Sciences (STIKes) Muhammadiyah Ciamis Academic Year 2015-2016 at the Islamic Centre, Jl. Mr. H. Iwa Kusumasoemantri Ciamis regency, on Tuesday (27.09.16).
    On that occasion, in the presence of 376 scholars and experts associate this health Demiz lululusan and invites the community to optimize the program of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs). According Demiz, PHBs important as part of a way to strengthen the health care system oriented towards prevention.
    "Let us focus our attention, point our attention to the optimization of Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs) at the household level in 2015 reached 53.7% in scope," said Demiz in his speech.
    "PHBs is important in order to strengthen the health care system that is more oriented on promotive and preventive efforts, without neglecting curative and rehabilitative efforts," he continued.
    To that end, Demiz also wanted the graduates to be able to help local governments - particularly in the West Java province PHBS disseminate to the public. With jargon "better to prevent than cure", Demiz PHBs also revealed the 10 indicators to be achieved, namely:
     1. Deliveries by skilled health personnel;
     2. The babies were exclusively breastfed;
     3. Toddlers weighed every month;
     4. Using clean water;
     5. Wash your hands with soap and clean water;
     6. Using healthy latrines;
     7. Combating larva in the house once a week;
     8. Eat vegetables and fruits every day;
     9. physical activity every day; and
     10. Do not smoke in the house.
    With the presence of graduates from Muhammadiyah STIKes Ciamis, is also expected to increase the number of health workers in West Java. Where in 2015 the ratio reached 57.87 of the target of 158 per 100 thousand inhabitants, while only reached 33.40 Midwife of the target of 100 per 100 thousand inhabitants.
    In this 2015-2016 Academic Year, STIKes Muhammadiyah Ciamis inaugurates 367 graduates. Program consists of the Diploma of Nursing (53), D-III Midwifery (132), S-1 Nursing (50), Profession nurses or nurse (37), D-III Pharmacy (46), and the Program D- Health Analyst III (49).
    "The existence of this very strategic STIKes Muhammadiyah and hopefully fast growing and can add another campus in some areas. And graduates in quantity and quality should be increased and a significant role," he concluded.
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