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    West Java Parliament Approves Sister Province Cooperation



    BANDUNG-DPRD Jabar, finally approved a plan of cooperation between the provincial government sister Province. Jabar with the Province of Heilongjiang, Chongqing City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province. Such consent, confirmed in West Java DPRD plenary session that took place on Monday afternoon (26/9).

    As for the recommended eight-party Parliament Jabar was read, members of Commission I DPRD Jabar, Hasbullah. First, Jabar Parliament stressed the need for caution in conducting foreign cooperation, while holding fast to the principles of equality and mutual between two parties.

    Secondly, in the field of development of Science and Technology (Science and Technology), foreign cooperation is expected to create over science and technology, by conducting joint research between institutions or agencies in each party or through applied and applicable.

    Third, in the field of tourism and culture, administration. Jabar may benefit by travelers bring as many tourists from China. Fourth, in the field of technical and management capacity building of government administration. Jabar should bring great benefits, especially in implementing the Good Governance and Clean Government between the parties.

    Fifth, to the field of economy and trade administration. Jabar should be able to inventory the superior products and able to foster balanced trade climate between the respective parties.

    Sixth, in education administration. Jabar is expected to actively improve the human resources (HR) is not only focused on the exchange of students, lecturers or teachers and sister sister school and university, but also for other stakeholders such as agricultural extension workers, entrepreneurs and others.

    Seventh, for the development of cooperation in the development of rural, urban and transport, cooperation between governments do but can also be carried out between enterprises and between businesses, as well as the eighth, said Hasbullah promotion and business entities should be done regularly and continuously. (NR)

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