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    Coffee Production Target of West Java in 2016 is Achieved



    BANDUNG-For 2016, Jabar targeting production of 60,000 tons of coffee. These targets were met entirely in the month of September 2016. It thus, expressed Department of Plantations Jabar, Arif jabarprov.go.id Santosa in his statement on Monday afternoon (26/9).

    Arif, further said the achievements of the coffee production spread of plantations spread over several districts, either from plantations or in smallholdings.

    However, based on the largest number of the largest portion of the coffee production is obtained from plantations in the district of Bandung as PANGALENGAN.

    "With the achievement of coffee production target, it should be followed is the marketing and promotion of quality coffee to the general public" he said.

    "Marketing and promotion of coffee already carried out continuously. For this year, this activity will be coordinated with Disperindag Jabar package Coffee Festival activities" he concluded. (NR)

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