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    BPLHD will conduct Environmental Evaluation in Garut



    BANDUNG-Environment Management Agency (BPLHD), West Java soon hold a case management evaluation in Watershed (DAS) Cimanuk be one cause of damage to the environment in Garut.

    BPLHD head Jabar Sudarna Anang said after the emergency phase ends flood Garut this week it will begin a coordination meeting to evaluate the handling of environmental cases in the watershed Cimanuk.

    "There is no mining and illegal logging, at the most upstream region Garut, Friday (30/9) is planned," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (27/9).

    Admitted Garut should be concentration due to a number of issues related to the environment in the region is classified as severe. According to him about fishing area just water, it has long warned Garut regency because many land use problems. "Catchment area is very severe, very severe coefficient river regime," he said.

    According to the evaluation is also important because of the current Spatial Plan (RTRW) Garut revised, in addition also being compiled Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR). BPLHDs stressed that in the preparation of Garut regency RDTR later noticed a protected area and carrying capacity. "There should really be studied not only the origin of charted space," he explained.

    BPLHDs also requested that Garut regency could account for the entire physical development in the upstream region that has not included the environmental permit. He pointed to the construction in the area of ??land that a majority does not permit the environment but only armed with a business license and activity alone was able to build. (Pun)

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