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    PON XIX Accessories Sells



    CIMAHI-Nurhasanah seemed happy when serving buyers who bought a key chain of PON XIX Mascot, Lala Lili, Monday (26/9) where she sells on the courtyard of the Shooting Ground in Village Padasuka, City Cimahi.

    Although the sport of shooting that competed in PON XIX 2016 in the Field Shoot Cisangkan, Village Padasuka, District Cimahi Tengah, Cimahi has completed since Saturday September 24, 2016 and then, but Nurhasanah still be selling trinkets PON XIX in these locations , Because, across the street where he sells there are sports that competed namely cycling at the Velodrome Munaip Saleh.

    "We plan to open our booth here until September 28, 2016 will not be moved to the front page of a racing bike. The place is not far, if anyone needs a PON knick knacks like key chains just stay cross the road, "he said.

    Key chain with a picture of the mascot PON XIX Lala and Lili, according Nurhasanah, is the biggest-selling knickknacks PON he sold. In addition to low cost, which is only Rp 10,000 per piece, the goods are very popular as souvenirs, especially by PON contingent from outside West Java.

    In addition to the form of key chains, Nurhasanah also sells other goods to the XIX PON souvenirs, including in the form of purses, hats and some other items.

    "The items I sell are all products of SMEs in my RW. We get a blessing, benefit from selling results with their title XIX PON, "he said. (ADI)

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