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    Menpora: PON 2016 Jabar Run Smoothly



    BANDUNG-PB PON XIX / 2016 Jabar and the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) RI held a meeting with the chairman of the contingent or the Chief de Mission (CdM) PON participants from every province. Evaluation meeting held at The Trans Luxury Hotel, Jl. Gatot Subroto Bandung, Friday (09.23.16) as a joint effort PON evaluation that has taken place during this week.

    In the evaluation meeting, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Affairs) RI Imam Nahrawi and Chairman of PB PON XIX / 2016 Jabar Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) discuss together and hear feedback or complaints from the contingent, mainly related to the game. They have agreed that all the problems that happened recently been completed and agreed upon solution.

    After the meeting, a press conference Affairs also said that so far the PON has gone well. West Java as the host has to do well, but the Imam also reminded that all the problems that occurred in 2016 PON this should be a lesson for the future.

    "Objectively, I judge that the PON is already good. The things here and there that need to be repaired that's our function. Function CdM Meeting each morning to see what a gap that must be enhanced," said Imam in the presence of members of the media were present.

    Imam also thinks that in any existing problems, PB PON has resolved it well. This multievent according to Imam is not an easy matter to be held for presenting thousands of people from all over Indonesia.

    "I saw PB PON Jabar really swiftly and directly dealt with the problem," said Imam.

    "PON is a lesson for us that hosts the PON is not easy. Financing PON fully addressed by the West Java provincial government through its budget," he added.

    As a national athlete selection event, PON is also a means to generate superior athletes from each region. To that end, the Imam also requested that the PON can be seen from the side as well as the achievements of the struggle that has been done by the athletes.

    "Achievement of our athletes are seen as positive, as a whole by seeing what their cause so that they become champions. That then the future should be an inspiration to other athletes on how to be a champion in both PON and in multievent international as Sea Games, Asian Games, and the Olympics, "he said.

    On this occasion, as the Chairman of PB PON XIX / 2016 Jawa Barat, Aher also explained that it had tried hard to be a celebration of the biggest sports in Indonesia is able to run well and according to expectations. As for problems that arise related to the game, the referee, and the venue has been completed properly and mutually agreed settlement solution in every CdM Meeting.

    "We've been trying hard to facilitate the implementation of PON well," said Aher.

    "The ripples that occur in some of the venues I guess it was a regular thing then have been resolved at CdM Meeting. To this day entirely're done, yes," he concluded.

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