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    West Java province Won Indonesia's Best Attractiveness Award 2016



    JAKARTA-West Java province again received national awards. This time, West Java Province has been named as one of the Best in Indonesia's Attractiveness Award 2016: Investment Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism, and Public Service of Frontier Consulting Group and Tempo Media Group. This award was given by the Minister of Communications and Informtika (RI) RI Rudiantara to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, on Thursday night (22/9).
    Growth in investment, infrastructure development, development of the tourism sector, as well as the satisfaction of public services provide the basis of this award to the heads of provinces and districts / cities in Indonesia. When these fields went well and contribute directly to regional development, it will provide a good impact for economic growth, job creation, increased local revenues, also at a time can raise the level of consumption in the area.
    With this background, Tempo Media Group in cooperation with Frontier Consulting Group perform measurements and observation or suvei to the attractiveness of each region in Indonesia. Overall this measurement is called Indonesia's Attractiveness Index (IAI), which is expected to provide an overview appeal each district / city and provincial level.
    The purpose of the measurement and dissemination of the results of this measurement is to raise awareness among the regional head of the importance of the region to become an investment destination and regional development, to inspire local leaders to develop a strategy that is more focused and clear in the future, as well as to provide information to the investors about business opportunities for the local investment potential in Indonesia.
    Determination of nomination districts / cities conducted by three indicators, namely:
    1. The contribution of the GDP to the GDP in the province on 25% or above the GDP average of the GDP Corridor MP3EI,
     2. The growth of the GDP is greater than the average Growth Corridor MP3EI or the GDP Per Capita is greater than the average GRDP Per Capita Corridor MP3EI, and
     3. Districts / Municipalities that do not pass the first and second indicators but awarded IAA in 2015.
     Of the three criteria, there are 99 counties and 38 cities that qualify for nomination (total 137 districts / cities). Provincial nominees who qualify, there are 32 provinces, which are the province of the district / city level which was nominated IAI districts / cities (plus DKI Jakarta).
     Measurement IAI 2016 uses four dimensions, namely Investment, Infrastructure, Tourism, and Public Services. The whole dimension of assessment is carried out based on secondary data and primary data, unless the Public Service assessed based on primary data.
    And award nominations for Indonesia Attractiveness Award (IAA) is district / Best Cities; Regency / City Potential; Top 3 District / City category Best Investment, Infrastructure, Tourism, and Public Services; Top 3 District / City Investment Potential categories, Infrastructure, and Tourism, Top 3 District / City in every corridor MP3EI, and Best Province is the province with the total index of more than 70.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) feel happy and proud of the area that leads to one of the awardees. Aher said that the current central West Java province to promote development in various dimensions or areas of development, especially the four areas on which the IAA 2016 votes.
    Things that are now being encouraged its development by the West Java provincial government infrastructure, such as toll roads and airports. "God willing the end of West Java in 2017 will have a big airports of Airports in Cengkareng but in the region," Aher said after receiving the award.
    West Java has also become an investment destination in Indonesia. Recorded according to government data 2016 that the realization of direct investment in West Java reached Rp 103.1 trillion more, exceeding the 2015 investment target of Rp 95 trillion more. In terms of foreign investment or foreign investment (FDI), West Java is still listed as the largest recipient nationwide, amounting to Rp 76.8 trillion more.
    "This shows that in West Java was the situation comfortable for investment, there is legal certainty, a sense of security, therefore, investors flock well," said Aher.
    On the other hand, West Java also continue to improve public services through a variety of innovations, as well as developing various tourism areas. It should be the emphasis Aher West Java which is currently developing Ciletuh area in Sukabumi become Geopark. Target, 2017 Ciletuh Geopark will be part of the Unesco Global Geopark (UGG).
    In Indonesia's Attractiveness Awards 2016, Best West Java province with an index of 80.83. While District Best in West Java who won this category, namely, Bogor Regency (87.40), Bekasi (85.10), Purwakarta (80.95), Bandung (80.36), Sukabumi (79.55), Indramayu (78.19), and Karawang (78.05) ,
    Nominations for Best of City won Bandung (92.00), Bekasi (79.85), and Kota Depok (77.60). Nomination Best Cities Category Tourism is Bandung (rank 1, with an index of 95.63), Nomination District Best Category Investments achieved Purwakarta (rank 3, 91.92), Best City category Investments namely Bandung (rank 1, 91.70), District Best Category Infrastructure namely Bekasi District (rank 1, 97.80) and the Bogor Regency (rank 2, 94.90), Nominated Best City Infrastructure category that is Bandung (rank 2, 99.03).
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