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    FPKS Rejects Convicted Penalty Trial in Election 2017



    BANDUNG-PKS faction Parliament has insisted on rejecting the convict on probation to go forward as a candidate in the elections of regional heads in 2017, because the status as a convict on probation, regional head candidate is judged not to have integrity, so it is not feasible to go forward as a leader. It thus disclosed PKS faction chairman House of Representatives, Jazuli Juwaini in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (22/9).

    "PKS faction House of Representatives is still rejecting a candidate who has a legal case, because if a prospective head region has a legal case, first, she was flawed. Secondly, as no one else is better. Third, he would not be able to fully concentrate on the election because it is still entangled in a legal case, "said Jazuli during the opening of FGD" Initiating the Electoral System Ideal 2019 ".

    With all due respect to the attitude of nine other factions in the DPR, the PKS faction Parliament urge people not to choose candidates for regional heads are still a convicted person on probation because with such status, meaning dropping muruah / good name of the area in front of their own people.

    "If he is convicted status, although only a trial, it will be a bad precedent for the community and feared dropping trust and muruah / good name of the area in front of his own people" he said.

    Referring to the data Kemendagri 2015 that there are 343 heads of local law litigants, the data only reinforced that the nomination process is really good quality.

    In Article 7 (g) of Law No. 10 of 2016 concerning the election has actually been expressly requires that candidates are never convicted by verdict is legally binding for a criminal offense that is punishable by five years in prison 'and probation in the category of offense under the Criminal Code.

    It is known, said on 11 September 2016 Jazuli ago, after a long debate between the KPU, Bawaslu, Kemendagri with Parliament Hearings Meeting (RDP), it was decided that the convicted person on probation can be advanced in unison election in 2017.

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