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    Bio Farma Garut Help Flood Victims



    BANDUNG-Torrential rains that hit Garut on 20 September 2016 in the morning, has caused a flood disaster, which resulted in hundreds of homes in six Sub-District, among others; Bayongbong, Pasirwangi, Samarang, Tarogong South and Banyuresmi swept away by the flood, and swallowed dozens of casualties.

    The flash floods caused by the overflow of the River Cimanuk also braved public facilities such as hospitals Dr. Slamet, District Tarogong, Garut.

    Bio Farma as a state whose existence is near Garut, along with volunteers from the District Military Command 0611 Garut, Denpo, Garut, Battalion 301, Garut police, Brimob, municipal police, BPBDs Garut, SAR Garut, Kwarcab, traffic police, FKPN Garut and Basarnas, helping to ease the burden of flood victims by opening a Natural disaster Management Post Garut centered at 0611 Makodim Garut.

    The assistance provided by Bio Farma include toiletries, towels, blankets, food / groceries for field kitchens and free health services to anticipate the post-flood diseases such as; Diarrhea, acute respiratory infection (ARI), Leptospirosis, and so forth.

    According to M. Rahman Rustan Corporate Secretary were present with Bio Farma Juliman, Production Director of Bio Farma, the help of Bio Farma Rp 75 million, will be merged with the assistance of another state which is located in West Java, such as Pertamina, Telkom, and BRI, and submitted to the PIC Coordinator for Disaster Response in the Post's SOE Synergy Present State in Garut, located in the Office of PT Telkom Garut.

    "This grant will then be submitted to the Natural Disaster Relief Dansatgas Garut located in Natural Disaster Management Post Garut, Makodim 0611 / Garut," he said.

    "May the assistance we can provide, to ease the burden of the victims, we will also hold a free health care as a precaution after the disaster" he concluded. jo

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