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    Indonesian People Love to Save Their Money Abroad



    BANDUNG-Taxation Observer of Padjadjaran University Sony Devano states that until now there still many Indonesian people who save their money in other countries.

    According to Sony, which also Board of Unpad Tax Center, there are various facilities that can be obtained by the public so they save their money abroad.

    "If the banks, in terms of simplicity it more simple in another country than in our country, it's a simple example is when to credit in other countries such as Singapore it could be done in only 1 hour while in our country it could be many days," he said.

    Also according to Sony, the issue of confidentiality they are more comfortable when abroad so that they are more comfortable save their money abroad.

    "In relation to confidentiality, they are also comfortable abroad so they store abroad," said Sony in a discussion in the House Enak-Enak, Jl. Cihapit 33, Wednesday (21/09). (Parno)


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