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    Governor Reviewed The Flood Site in Garut



    GARUT-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) directly observed the location of the worst flash floods in Tarogong South Subdistrict, Garut regency on Wednesday (09.21.16). On this occasion, on behalf of the West Java provincial government and the whole society of West Java, the governor also sent condolences to the victims.

    Aher said that a catastrophic event like this is not desirable. However, this disaster must be sought the cause, such as the destruction of the natural environment due to human activity.

    "At the same time we have to find the underlying causes of why this happened. I certainly do not want to determine why this happened, so that we'll investigate. If it is a factor for human behavior which damages the environment let's fix together forward and it we must also make a lesson, "urged Aher.

    Governor also admitted that he will continue to coordinate with the local government, and other stakeholders to anticipate as well as disaster prevention or mitigation program, including coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to make flats for victims who have been left homeless.

    "I've just got an idea, that there will be a subsidized apartment house. Later Regents will discuss with the Ministry PUPR and provincial governments will help us together," said the Governor.

    "We will help as soon as possible so that our society back to life as usual and normal return, including trauma slowly with the chaplain or clergy and psychologists to restore confidence or trauma hiling," he said.

    Until 17:00 pm on Wednesday (09.21.16), the victims of this disaster in Garut regency, there were 833 people, ie 20 people died, made up of 8 men and 12 women, and 15 others are still missing. While severe injuries and 47 minor injuries to 12 people. In addition, as many as 735 people to evacuate citizens in a secure location that is still close to the area affected by the Main Post Disaster centered in Kodim 0611 / Garut.

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