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    Garut Regent: Garut is in Emergency



    BANDUNG-Quoted from the official website of Pemkab Garut, garutkab.go.id, floods and landslides that occurred on Tuesday (09/20/2016) night surprise Garut residents affected by the disaster. Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan directly reviewing a number of the disaster site.

    "Garut in humanitarian settings. I'll let that all citizens increase their vigilance, "the regent said when reviewing the location of the flood in dr. Slamet Garut, Wednesday (21/09/2016) morning.

    Rudy said he had been instructed BPBDs to immediately gives relief to residents affected by floods and landslides. Until now he was not aware of data loss and casualties due to floods that suddenly swept through the town of Garut and its surroundings.

    "For the victims are still counted and identified first. Later, after the rescue is done will be recorded, "he said.

    Rudy stated, 8 bridge from the city of Garut until Limbangan declared dangerous. Because flood spilling over the bridge.

    According to him, something like this had happened in Garut. So he declared emergency Garut.

    Still according to Rudy, he was shocked when reviewing the location of the flood in the RSU. dr. Slamet has died in the parking lot. Therefore, he will go down immediately give the command to provide relief to the people affected by the floods.

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