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    Pakistan is Having an Interest in The Aircrafts Made by PTDI



    BANDUNG-Commander of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, General Rashad Mahmood visited PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI). The visit was welcomed by the Director of Technology and Development, Andi Alisjahbana and Director of Commerce and Restructuring, Budiman Saleh.

    Participate in a group that is Kapuskersin TNI Headquarters, Athan RI in Islamabad, representatives of the Embassy of Pakistan in Jakarta, and representatives of the Siliwangi Military Command III. The delegation of Pakistan Armed Forces work accepted at the Plenary Meeting Room, Central Building Management (GPM) PTDI 9th floor, Jl. Pajajaran No. 154 Bandung.

    Armed Forces Chief Visits Pakistan to PTDI to re-establish cooperation and their interest in buying CN235-220 MSA / MPA / ASW (Maritime Surveillance Aircraft / Maritime Patrol Aircraft / Anti Submarine Warfare), the aircraft is able to accommodate 4 mission console, detecting small targets , equipped with FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) to detect and classify targets and be able to record the situation surrounding airspace for evaluation missions.

    Pakistan has operated CN235-220 4 units for military transport aircraft and VIP transport aircraft. Aircraft CN235-220 latest generation of artificial PT DI has several advantages, namely the addition of the maximum weight that can be transported, the more modern avionics system, autopilot, radar detector and additional turbulence winglet wingtip CN235-220. The use of winglets will make the aircraft more stable and more fuel efficient.

    General Rashad Mahmood expressed satisfaction PTDI have used the product for highly efficient and the best.

    "Product PTDI relevant enough and will meet the needs of the future not only for the Pakistan Navy but also for the Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army," said General Rashad Mahmood. Jo

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