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    Vice Governor Appreciates The Ceramic Music Festival 2015


    JATIWANGI-Jatiwangi Art Factory community (JAF) held the third annual event, which started since 2012 namely the Ceramics Music Festival. It will be held on November 11 to 27 2015, in Ex. Jatiwangi Gula Factory, Majalengka, West Java.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar open directly this innovative art event on Tuesday (11/11). In his speech, Vice Governor gave a great appreciation for this community who has 10 years working independently and perform in the international level.

    This JAF community is inspiring the world, various observers and cultural observers of various countries in the world come every year to learn the new path of this musical art.

    On that occasion, Vice Governor apologised because the West Java provincial government has not been able to provide meaningful assistance to them.

    "We thank to JAF community who has educated the society to not stutter on culture and art. Behalf on private and Government of West Java Province, I am sorry because can not give any substantial help," stated Vice Governor.

    "Let us develop this ceramic music in order to become a creative economy useful for society!" invite Deputy Governor.

    At the opening of this festival, 5,000 people consisting of students elementary, middle, and high school from 16 villages in Jatiwangi district participated. These festival became a celebration of the musical birth of ceramics which is a new culture in Jatiwangi. Previously districts in West Java, is known as the largest producer of ceramic tiles in Indonesia.

    One of the JAF founders, Ginggi Sharif Hashim said that this year, in addition to musical collaboration, the committee made a series of other activities, such as Fairytale which marked the land processing season, and also Build the Lumpur for the construction season. Then clay attack in the game season, and also the Earth forecast season this November.

    "This is the opening of Ceramic Music Festival, 'Masyarakat Tanah Berbunyi', the movement of 5000 lands saying, it is marked that festival opened. We invited musicians from several countries, also from Indonesia itself to make worksop with Jatiwangi youth, that will be shown at the 27th. There are also the creation which is associated with the clay processing. Some are making ground perfume, musical instruments from ceramics, and also a rain fragrant perfume,” said Ginggi.

    "The provincial government support this activities, and with local governments we should work together. The help is not always through money, we prefer to work together. Whatever the problem is when we work together, the problem will be finished,” he explained.

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