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    Pre-opening of PON 2016, 14 sports is going to be contested



    BANDUNG-Before the opening ceremony in 2016, 14 sports will be contested. Of the 14 sports of the last 75 gold medals to be contested. This was disclosed by The Head of Matches, M Yudha Saputra, in a press conference held at the Office of West Java Disorda, Jalan Dr. Rajiman, Friday (9/9).

    According Yudha, The 14 sports that will be contested include: Hocky indoor, rowing, soccer, marching band, ball sand volleyball, swimming, water polo son, hang gliding, judo, chess, futsal, horse racing, paragliding and scuba pool.

    All 14 matches for the sports, scheduled to take place 13 to 17 September 2016. In that time, the sports of hang gliding indoorm hocky, sand volleyball ball, water polo son, indoor soccer, horse racing and diving pool will be carried out the preliminary round.

    To paddle will take the stage of the match with the medal respectively 5 and 9 medals. Drumband medals respectively 2 and 1 medal, judo fight each 8 and 8 medals, swimming each fight seven medals, seven medals and seven medals, chess compete for four and one medal and diving pool respectively 8 and 8 achievements.

    Yudha, add fields Match PB PON in 2016, has been preparing the necessary facilities, including facilities imported from abroad. HR referees have also been prepared, including referees imported from abroad totaling 98 people. (NR)

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