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    FPKS Stands Firm to Its Ground and Go Against Tax Amnesty



    JAKARTA (8/9) - Members of the House of Representatives Commission XI of the PKS faction, Junaidi Auly, confirms that the PKS stance towards tax amnesty is remain unchanged. PKS is the only faction that goes against tax amnesty.
    "Our position has not changed, "said Junaidi Auly at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (8/9).
    Junaidi said that according to PKS what we really needed is a tax system reform.  "It's not just tax amnesty, which will certainly benefit taxpayers trillions of assets that have been renege," said Junaidi.
    Furthermore, Junaidi said that of the many reasons for the rejection of the PKS faction, the important thing is that tax amnesty is injuring justice.
    "The common people must pay Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax, this conglomerate renege on taxes are pardoned. About how the logic and sense of justice?" Junaidi retorted.
    Even Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, Junaidi added, is also agreed that the government is rushing in making this tax amnesty regulation.
    "Sri Mulyani just acknowledged that tax reform should take precedence over tax amnesty. But because it was already forced, tax amnesty policy should be secured as well," said Junaidi.
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