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    Aher: Water Skiing Can be Held in Time



    KBB-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), as the Chairman of PON Executive Board reviewed the readiness of Saguling lake, Kotabaru Parahyangan, West Bandung Regency, to be the venue for water skiing.

    His visit was accompanied by The Commander of The Third Regional Millitary Command Siliwangi, Major General Hadi Prasojo, who also acts as the Commander of The West Java Contingent, Head of West Java Province Sports Yudha Munajat, Chairman of West Java KONI, Ahmad Saefudin.

    Aher and his entourage visit is to ensure that the water ski sports venue can still be held. As previously reported, the lake's High Water Front (TMA) has decreased to 636.25 MBPL while ideally for water skiing is 639 MBPL.

    "Thank God, the game can be held here on schedule," said Aher after coordinating with various authorities in the regulation of the water flow of Lake Saguling, consisting of PT Indonesia Power UBP Saguling, PJB Cirata, Jatiluhur PJT II and P2B PLN (Load Control Center).

    However, the Chairman of the Match Sector, Yudha Munajat, said that he has prepared a backup plan.

    "We have set up a second location which is suitable topographically, together with the millitary, we are now preparing the facility" he said.

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