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    The Hotel Location For Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims in Madinah is Still Too Far



    BANDUNG-Hotel facilities for Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims in Medina, in particular, is strucked with one issue. It is still too far away, even though it is already in the area of Haram which is the ring one area. As expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VIII, Iskan Qolba Lubis, in a release received by jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (8/9).

    Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) has been considered a lack of transparency regarding the facilities for Jemaah Haji Indonesia in the holy land. Because, so far it solely convey data that is normative and not substantive. It made the House of Representatives Commission VIII less than optimal in the oversight function.

    "Data submitted only about the stages of organizing the Hajj that really are not necessary, but at the same time the tendering process, the management of the state budget, and funds managed community Kemenag as closed," he said.

    Shortfall in facilities for Indonesia's Jemaah Haji, reinforce efforts to separate between the regulator and the operator in the organization of the Hajj. Moreover, MORA control over Rp. 50 trillion, but not professionally managed, so it does not benefit optimally for Jemaah Haji Indonesia.

    "For hajj officers alone, there were at this time in Makkah amounted to 856 people, as many as 267 people PPIH MORA, PPIH Ministry of Health amounted to 162 people. Not to mention the Temus MORA totaled 159 people, 159 people Temus Ministry of Health, and Transport Temus amounted to 118 people. But with so many of them, it appears the service is still below standard, whereas the required energy from the field and Mualimin students who live there, so effectively and efficiently, "he said.

    Not maximal Hajj ministry also applies to health facilities. It was as registered in the Ministry of Health that the Jemaah Haji Indonesia as many as 70 people who died because of heart problems.

    "The number of deaths due to heart that, due to inadequate health facilities. During this time only class facilities pratama clinic, while Indonesia should have their own hospitals in Saudi Arabia, "concluded Iskan terminate explanation. (NR)


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