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    Aher Monitor BMX Venue by Involving ISSI


    CIAMIS-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan monitoring the numbers of BMX sports venues to the National Sports XIX located in Ciamis, Tuesday (11/11) afternoon.

    Aher said that this monitoring is intended to monitor the technical development and regulation circuit in accordance with the national standards.

    "In this monitoring we involved the technical committee of PB PON and The Indonesian Cycling Association (ISSI) as well as representatives from the Ciamis government and West Java," he said after the observation.

    According to him, the supervision is conducted so that the construction of venues completed on time with good quality. Moreover, BMX venue construction do not just construct the circuits, but also the roads and other facilities which are being rehabilitated by Ciamis regency.

    Through the field observations, found that the main street circuit have been seen the framework magnitude. While at the audience venue is in the foundry process. Interestingly, this arena was in the middle of rice fields, so the natural feel strongly felt.

    Until now, the construction of BMX venue in Ciamis has reached 65%. It is targeted to reach 85% at the end of December 2015.

    The development process itself comes from the budget of West Java provincial government amounted Rp 2 billion and the remaining of Rp 1 billion from Ciamis government.

    "I hope it continues encouraged, and I ask the entire of venue construction in 15 districts and cities running smoothly and completed on time," he said.

    Overall the construction of a number of PON venues has reached 60-70%. Then in 2016 targeted in the final finishing and also construct the roads to the BMX venue. So that the end of July 2016 is fully ready to use.

    "We and PB PON encourage preparation of PON completed on time with the assistance of the various parties," he said.

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