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    The Regent of Indramayu Giving Away Free Helmets



    INDRAMAYU-In Indramayu, the number of traffic accident which involves students is the second highest number after Bogor Regency. Driven by this concerning numbers, The Regent of Indramayu, Hj. Anna Sophanah, along with Indramayu Police distribute free helmets to students.

    These free helmets giveaway is also in commemoration of the 68th anniversary of Indonesian Police Women in 2016 on Thursday (01/09/2016).

    Hj. Anna Sophanah explained that according to the regulation, students who do not yet 17 years old and do not have a license are prohibited from driving a motor vehicle.

    "We see this morning many parents dropping off their children,the parents wear helmets yet their son and daughters are not both the driver and the pessenger must use the same protective headgear for their safety in road traffic, "said the regent.

    Meanwhile police chief Adjunct Senior, Eko Sulistiyo, justify that level of traffic accidents for the students in Indramayu region is quite high.

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