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    Netty is Very Concerned Over Child Prostitution Case



    BANDUNG-This case is already a very strong concern of the national police, Thus it is now directly handled by the Criminal Investigation and KPAI.

    According to the information obtained, the children who are the victims of Child Protistution are handled in RPSA Bambu Apus, East Jakarta. Clearly, if we look from the elements present in this case, it is considered a Human Trafficking case.

    I believe that KPAI, as a state institution, has already had their own way of dealing with this case, including efforts to make social rehabilitation for victims, the social rehabilitation is obviously very dependent on what kind of psychological condition suffered by the victims.

    Severe trauma would require a very long rehab and requires the involvement of experts such as psychologists, or spiritual companion.

    They are all on a very vulnerable age, unstable due to their age average is below 16 years old. They are all need attention, affection, and also the special supervision of parents or adults.

    So if they are being neglected, it would indeed be unbelievably fragile.

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