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    Netty Officially Opened Halal Olympics 2016


    BANDUNG-On Thursday (1/9), Salman Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) held a Halal Olympics 2016 entitled "Halal is My Life", which was attended by 1,000 students of High schools in West Java which aims to produce noble youth. The event was officially opened by Netty Prasetiani.

    Also present on the occasion are the head of protum public relations, head of the education department, head of Industry and Trade, West Java LPPOM MUI.

    In her speech, Netty explained, what we do can be a means for us to grow our commitment to deliver the kind of goodness, progress, and prosperity for the people of Indonesia especially West Java.

    Netty said that one day Sa'ad bin abi waqas asked the prophet, O Messenger of God ask to your Lord so that my prayer is granted, said rosulullah, fix your meals Allah will grant your prayers. So it turns out that a prerequisite for the granting of the prayer is not just our morals, worship and not just our obedience to God but also the requirements of what goes into our stomach is something that comes from kosher ingredients and processed through legal means.

    Mahatma Gandhi said that the Seven Deadly Sins, there are seven deadly sins that today a lot is done consciously or unconsciously by the people, among other things, people having fun without thinking about the consequences, those who make religion a spectacle without going to work hard and without wanting to perform sacrifices for religious beliefs.

    "That's why let's fix it together everything that exists in our lives because we eat, what we wear, we use that adversely impact the growth and development of our psyche and the kindness of our future". she asked.

    Elsewhere, Netty said, the Halal Olympic is an activity that is very nice to be appreciated by us all, considering the majority of the population of this country is Muslim so need to be given attention and also guarantees that everything that is consumed, used both for food, medicines, cosmetics were all derived from halal raw materials and processed through legal means.

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