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    Deddy: Increasing Investment and Expanding Job Opportunities will Automatically Reduce Poverty


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said that the position of West Java as the main destination of investment should be maintained and enhanced. According to him, the higher the level of investment, new employment opportunities will also expanding. 

    Deddy said, it is in line with the objectives of the development itself, which is development should be sustained in all fields, including human resources, infrastructure, and economic fields as a mean to eradicate poverty and realising the equality of people's welfare.

    "Related to that, we are grateful for the percentage of the poor population to total population in West Java continues to show a decreasing trend, from 9.57% at the end of 2015 to 8.95% in the first quarter of 2016. However, we recognize that in terms of welfare distribution, we still have to work harder," said Deddy at the Opening of Business communication forum, in West Java, Wednesday (31/8).

    Meanwhile, related to investment in West Java, as for January until December 2015 the total investment (domestic and foreign Mandatory LKPM) in West Java reached Rp. 98 trillion (an increase of 9.2% from 2014 and reached 119.51% of the target BKPM), with the number of projects / businesses as much as 6,165 projects, as well as the labor force absorbed as many as 286 182 people (21% of total employment and is the highest in Indonesia).

    When reviewed from the source of funds, foreign capital still dominates, namely Rp. 71.73 trillion, with the number of projects / businesses as much as 5,108 projects, as well as the labor force absorbed as many as 240 048 people. As for the rest, ie Rp. 26.27 trillion was contributed by domestic capital Mandatory LKPM, with the amount of effort as much as 1,057 projects and 46 134 workers.

    "This puts the West Java Province with the highest FDI realization of national, while for domestic investment is the second highest nationally after East Java. And thank God, on the overall economy of West Java in 2015 could grow 5.03%, higher than the national growth of 4.79%, "he said.

    Departing from these conditions, Deddy emphasizes the synergistic cooperation of all stakeholders, including the Government of Regency / City and business actors, to continue to improve the realization of investment in West Java. Moreover, in the downturn in global economic growth, 2016 is the West Java targeted by the central government to be able to realize the investment of Rp. 91 trillion (15.2% of the national target), and the target RPJMD Rp. 107.79 trillion.

    "In order to present a conducive business climate and" investment friendly ", West Java Provincial Government continues to strive through the development of supporting infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, ports, and reservoirs to meet the needs of industrial electrical energy," said Deddy.

    "While to accelerate investment in West Java has also been established five (5) industrial area with the Direct Investment Facility Construction, which is 2 (two) in Bekasi and 3 (three) in Karawang. In addition, West Java also has set up several business license with the service scheme quickly within 3 hours, and especially for micro, small, medium and cooperative, this year the provincial government also launched the revolving fund Credit Cinta Rakyat (KCR) to support program printing 100 thousand new entrepreneurs until 2018, "he explained.

    Deddy also hope, businesses ranging from micro, small, medium to large businesses can continue to grow, making a positive impact on the expansion of employment opportunities and improvement of quality economic growth in order to create public welfare distribution.

    To that end, the Communication Forum of business communities in West Java is supposed to have become the vehicle positioned to establish communication, synergy and optimization of cooperation among stakeholders, in order to increase investment and competitiveness of domestic businesses, so as to win the competition in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).

    Besides, it also, Deddy reminding businesses in West Java to take advantage of the tax amnesty program of the government, either through the declaration of wealth in the country, as well as the declaration and repatriation of assets abroad, as a form of contribution to the acceleration of national development.

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