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    These Two Governors Pay Serious Attention On Higher Education



    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Private University (Aptisi), Budi Djatmiko, who was present at the inauguration of the new campus building at Jl Dipati Ukur, on Tuesday (30.08.16), revealed that in Indonesia there are two governors who pay great attention to the development of higher education in the region. According to Budi, the two Governors namely West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and East Kalimantan Governor Awang Ishak Faroek.

    Budi exemplifies, West Java has a large budget, not only for elementary-secondary education, but also to higher education. In addition, West Java also poured a large amount of their budgets to improve the quality of human resources. Including the Governor of East Kalimantan who also gives so much attention to the development of elementary-secondary education to higher education, such as scholarships.

    "This should serve as an example. So we opted out of the ten governors that we chose two to serve as an example and God willing, we shall give awards nationally and will be provided directly by the President or the Vice President, "said Budi.

    The other interesting thing is that the contributions from these two provinces in increasing the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) Universities in Indonesia. "Governor of West Java and East Kalimantan Indonesia have greatly increased our GER," said Budi.

    This happens because most universities in Indonesia are located in West Java. Indonesia currently has 4,300's colleges and 376 of them are in West Java. To that end, APK in West Java will greatly affect the level of the National APK and it is an indicator of the progress of human resources in Indonesia.

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