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    Aher Received "Jasa Madya" Badge from The PMI



    BANDUNG-Central Board of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI PP) presented awards to the Jasa Madya Badge to The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) for his work in the humanitarian field through blood donation. This badge is given directly by Plh. General Chairman of PMI Gina Kartasasmita in the inauguration of the Honorary Board and Board of West Java Province Bakti year period 2016-2021 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, on Tuesday (30/8)

    In his speech, he thanked Aher and assume the badge is an honor for him. He also revealed that West Java with a large number of residents who are 46.7 million people must have preparedness in the humanitarian field, especially in terms of kepalangmerahan solid.

    Aher also explained that through the activities kepalangmerahan or blood donor can resolve humanitarian affairs, especially in West Java as well as in Indonesia and the world in general. Blood donors can not only provide benefits to the didonor but also can improve the health of the donors.

    "Therefore, there is no other word except we had to drive to equip all the facilities and infrastructure required and necessary because factually indeed the real needs on the ground," said Aher.

    It takes approximately 2% of donors of the population in an area to donate blood. Aher also proposed the establishment Blood Bank needs to be designed in at least six areas in West Java, namely in Bandung Raya, Priangan Kingdom, Cirebon Raya, Bogor Raya, Bekasi Raya, and Sukabumi Kingdom.

    "Approximately need to be designed for the future of our humanity Blood Bank is adequate, complete to preserve the future of humanity in West Java," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Acting. General Chairman of PMI Gina Sasmita mengataka that every year Indonesia to import up to 4 million bags of blood to meet the adequacy of the blood by 2%. To that end, Gina Aher also welcomed the idea to build the Blood Bank in West Java which is in accordance with the draft program is to build a factory PMI blood bags.

    "As long as the earth exists, as long as this Republic there were bags of blood that we will continue to need. So precisely in West Java that was one place in Bekasi. Please Mr. Governor can provide encouragement and impetus, "asked Gina.

    In this inaugural event, was sworn in as Chairman of PMI West Java, namely Inspector General of Police. Ret. Drs. H. Adang Rochjana. This inauguration by PMI Central Executive Decision No. 239 / KEP. / PP PMI / V / 2016 on the ratification of the Indonesian Red Cross Board of West Java Province Bakti year period 2016-2021.

    In addition, the President also installed Honorary Board PMI West Java by PMI Central Executive Decision No. 238 / KEP. / PP PMI / V / 2016 on the Establishment of the Honorary Board of PMI West Java 2016-2021 with the composition, namely:

    1. Dr. Hj. Prasetiyani Netty Heryawan (Chairman)

    2. Dr. H. Dani Setiawan, M.Sc.

    3. Major General (Ret.) Zaenuri Hasyim

    4. Police Brigadier General (Ret.) Dr. H. Nana Rukmana Asmita, M.H.

    5. Prof. Dr. Ir. Ganjar Kurnia, DEA.

    6. Dr. Ir. H. Ahmad Hadadi, M.Sc.

    As Honorary Chairman of the PMI West Java, Netty Heryawan Prasetiyani said that she will continue to provide education and awareness about the importance of blood donation as a humanitarian movement. In addition, he will also participate to encourage the development and acceleration of the infrastructure needed to accommodate the blood, such as program management and collection of blood through the Blood Bank.

    "I also think that today the Red Cross Youth (PMR) should be an integral part of the Indonesian Red Cross, it should be revived," said Netty.

    PMR is a humanitarian organization that is very important as a means to foster a sense of humanity, brotherhood, self-reliance, volunteerism, and empathy to people in need, including blood. It must be inculcated since school age, so that the PMR needs to be revived in any extracurricular school.

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