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    PMI Needs Infrastructure Supports



    BANDUNG-The existence of PMI as an organization which is engaged in the humanitarian field requires a variety of facilities and infrastructure. This was disclosed by the Honorary Board Member of PMI West Java, Netty Prasetyani in a statement to reporters after the inauguration of PMI West Java, at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (30/8).

    "Currently, PMI requires the development of the humanitarian movement, the development of infrastructure to accommodate the blood supply. Thus, it needs to be made to accommodate a map so that the blood can be made in areas that really need the availability of blood in sufficient quantities" he said.

    In addition to requiring the support, PMI need to be kept running. To turn among the younger generation, PMR in schools must be turned on. With the presence of PMR, is expected to promote awareness of humanity, especially among the younger generation.

    "Although the PMI is still required additional infrastructure and facilities. The interest of the public for blood donation in West Java is high" he concluded.

    It was shown in healthy activities organized PMI, some time ago, thousands of people who followed the path come to donate blood. (NR)

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