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    The Commander of West Java Contingent Reviewed PON Infrastructures



    BANDUNG-Commander III / Siliwangi Major General Hadi Prasojo as The Commander of West Java PON Contingent reviewed the infrastructure of PON in GOR Pajajaran and UPI Bandung, Monday (29/8).

    As the Contingent Commander, Major General Hadi Prasojo bear the burden of a very tough task, because The Military Command III / SLW and the Government of West Java has the same vision, mission, and the same expectations, which is to make West Java as The Champion.

    Regional Commander also said, "This year we should be able to carve an achievement who have long dreamed about that."

    Furthermore, he said that "With the high spirit and sportsmanship supported by all citizens of Bandung, God willing, we will be the Champion,"

    On the occasion, the Regional Commander visited the volleyball venue to give motivation and encouragement for the athletes. (PUN)



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