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    West Java Provincial Government Will Look For Strategies Related Heroes Proposed


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) will examine and find strategies of submission the heroes name from West Java which was decided by Dewan Gelar (Council of Tittle).

    According to him, a number of names have been suggested more than a few times but still not approved by the central government through Dewan Gelar (Council of Tittle).

    "We have already proposed several figures from Bandung Lautan Api, Mohammad Toha, former of Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin, Mrs. Inggit Garnasih, and founder of the Union of Muslims from Sukabumi, KH. Ahmad Sanusi, but have not succeeded," he told in media visit to Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11).

    Aher said that submission of Ahmad Sanusi have been four times but never approved. In fact, the other founder of the Union of Muslims, Kyai Abdul Halim from Majalengka already been approved to be a hero.

    Ali Sadikin, the phenomenal governor of Jakarta submitted not only by West Java but also the Jakarta Province and it still not approved by Council of Tittle.

    Similarly to Mohamad Toha, whose the name has even become the road in Bandung City and have a heroic story and an inspiration for many people.

    "So we will evaluate approximately what a lack and which is not yet completed, so that the submission will be approved. But it should be noted, this submission must be according to the rules of testing science and highest rank science," he said.

    According to Aher, the submission started with seminars for receiving approval and completed the submission of administrative requirements. And it should be made a book with scientific standards and complete evidence, then submitted.

    “Dewan Gelar will overall check it. Dewan Gelar consists of professors and scientists with high science," he said.

    Aher highlighting the submissions hero followed by other city and regency to submit their hero names. It seems like they expect the promotion of the region, and impact of following the government award to the hero family.

    Responding the Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi to give the hero title of Raden Ayu Lasminingrat from Garut, Aher welcomed.

    "Anyone has the right to propose a person to be a hero. But we need to find strategies and evaluating in order to successful in submission," he said.

    Lasiminingrat is the eldest daughter of the couple Raden Haji Muhammad Musa and Raden Ayu Ria, a prince and Sundanese literary. Raden Haji Musa established European schools and hired two teachers from Europe.

    Lasminingrat grew up and help community. In 1879 Lasminingrat educate children through books that have been translated from Dutch into Sundanese, moral education, social, math, psychology and others has been adapted in Sundanese culture to be easily understood.

    In 1907, Lasminingrat established a school for wife in pendopo gamelan environment, Garut. It initially limited to the priyai but later opened to the public.

    Lasminingrat died on April 10, 1947. Her initiative precede the strugle of RA Kartini and Dewi Sartika. Lasminingrat buried behind the Masjid Agung Garut.




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