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    Wanadri Inaugurates Aher as an Extraordinary Member



    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), was appointed as the Protector (Extraordinary Members) of Wanadri in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung, on Sunday afternoon (28/8).
    Embedding cloth inscribed with Wanadri orange scarf by the founder of Wanadri, Harri Hardiman, became the hallmark of the inauguration. It is based on Decree (SK) Board 24 Wanadri numbered 012-013 / SK / Board 24 / Wanadri / 8/2016 concerning the appointment of a Special Member Wanadri with Principal Registration Number: 022 Wanadri as protector set in Bandung, August 27 2016.
    Aher also like to acknowledge the honor that has been given by Wanadri, he hopes Wanadri continue to participate in the development, especially the development of nature conservation in West Java. Aher said that the focus of the development is being conducted by the company focused on three things, namely to eliminate poverty, eliminate unemployment, and the development of nature conservation.
    "Thank you for this honor, thank you for your participation especially the for the younger generation and development of our human resources based on nature conservation," said Aher.
    Furthermore, Aher also said that the importance of character development, especially the younger generation based on nature. Love and nature conservation need to be imparted to our human resources, since according Aher nature always gives his devotion to the man, although on the other side of man actually destroying it.
    "Nature always give the best to the people, including to the ruin. That's Natural! The entire supply of our lives comes from nature, if the supply of natural stop automatic life will also be stopped, "said Aher.
    "Therefore, our thoughts should turn now to conserve nature and then surely people would conserve nature when educated in nature. That's for sure! "He continued.
     Besides Aher, on this occasion, wanadri also appointed commander 052 / Wijayakrama Col. Inf. Iwan Setiawan became an Honorary Citizen of Wanadri.
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