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    PT DI Exhibits Their Best Product



    BANDUNG-PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI) will hold an Open House to celebrate their 40th Anniversary to be opened by PT DI president director Budi Santoso in PTDI, Jl. Padjadjaran No. 154, Bandung. The event is free and open to the general public attended the anniversary celebration PTDI.

    In a series of Open House event, the general public is allowed to enter and plant tour around the hangar to see the products of the work of PTDI using a vehicle that has been provided by the committee. Visitors are also allowed to capture images while traveling to a hangar in PTDI.

    If regular on the day, the general public is limited to go into production areas PTDI, given PTDI the Strategic Defense Industry and the Bonded Zone, Saturday (27/8) community has a rare opportunity to tour the production facility to PT DI, look at an airplane hangar and a helicopter, to see aircraft and helicopters produced PTDI.

    The PT DI has been producing various types of aircraft in cooperation with Airbus Defence & Space for different variants NC212, CN235 and CN295. In addition, PT DI also was making and finishing pioneering aircraft which is executed entirely by the children of the nation is air N219.

    In addition to producing aircraft, PT DI also produce different variants of the helicopter AS332C1 / C1E / L1 / L2, helicopter H215, H225 / H225M (Formerly EC225 / EC725), helicopter AS550 / 555/565 and helicopter AS350 / 365 in cooperation with Airbus Helicopters.

    PT DI also able to create and produce parts, components, tools and fixtures for the Airbus A320 / 321/330/340/350/380. The Airbus aircraft we often see in airports in Indonesia. An honor that PT DI is able to become a strategic partner of Airbus Group.

    Manager of Legal and Public PTDI Irlan Budiman said the public will also be presented with other interesting entertainments among which Marching Band, Performance, Flying Fox, and some Bazar consisting of a wide variety of culinary booths, and others.

    In addition to the entertainment events, will also be implemented inauguration of a parking lot cleaner emissions as a form PTDI in supporting government programs reduce air pollution, achieving proper green, environmentally friendly company and our commitment to being the Company PTDI Green.

    In the evening, visitors will be presented with the entertainment Marionette Puppet presented by one of the renowned puppeteer in West Java, Iwan Sunandar Sunarya, Group Putra Giri Harja in PKSN PTDI Auditorium. We invite the entire community to participate attend the commemoration of 40th anniversary of PT DI. jo

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