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    Ciletuh Geopark Marks The Formation of Java Island



    KAB.SUKABUMI-Vice Regent of Sukabumi, Adjo Sardjono said geopark Ciletuh Pelabuhan Ratu is an appealing tourist destination. Ciletuh Geopark is an extraordinary potential tourist destination in West Java, especially in Sukabumi.

    "Ciletuh is a captivating natural scenery. There is a unique natural felogi history as a record of the formation of the island of Java," said Adjo on the sidelines of the opening of Ciletuh Geopark Festival 2016 in the coastal area of Ujung Genteng, Pangumbahan, Sukabumi, Saturday (27/8).

    He strongly supported the Geopark to be an international geopark. "Now we're trying to won the international recognition from UNESCO," he said.

    To become an international Geopark, not only the natural beauty are seeded. But there must be another aspect that needs to be developped namely the geology.(Pun)

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