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    Deddy Mizwar: Ciletuh is the Sidewalk of Heaven



    KAB.SUKABUMI-The Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar appreciate all parties that had involved in the successful implementation of Ciletuh Geopark Awards. Although the show was held in two days, Demiz hopes that the event can be enjoyed widely.

    "I express my appreciation to all those who made this event possible," said Deddy when opening Ciletuh Geopark Festival, on Ujung Genteng, Pangumbahan village, Sukabumi, Saturday (27/8) ,

    Demiz said that if you see the history of the geopark, the government had put some effort to make this geopark possible since 2.5 years ago. With an outstanding natural beauty, the region often called the Sidewalk of heaven.

    "We cannot see the paradise this is just the sidewalk. We have to maintain its beauty by preserving it," he said.

    In addition to maintaining the natural beauty, Demiz also advised the public to maintain three elements namely the geo aspect, bio and culture. Therefore, next year Demiz hopes that geopark Ciletuh to be held not only in Ujung Genteng, because the geopark's region is extended to Cisolok. (Pun)

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