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    Demiz: Aid for Community Don’t Be Complicated


    BANDUNG-Distribution of grants through a legal entity with a minimum of 3 years experience, bring ‘confusion' for the various parties, especially for personnel and rural communities that need these funds.

    The local government was worried, development projects did not immediately realised, due to hit the rule.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, when met after receiving Working Visit of Commission II of the House of Representatives, at Gedung Sate Bandung, on Tuesday (10/11), said his concern. According to him the presence of the law is very unfortunate because the government do not allow to help directly for this time.

    "It's so unfortunate, because of the laws so that we could not help the community," said Vice Governor Deddy.

    The threat of legal sanctions are lurking activists, according to him it should not be considered superficial. The law should not be made on the basis of suspicion.

    "Whoever are corruption should be investigated. But this is a relief for community who need it, so it shouldn't be complicated the implementation," decisive Vice Governor.

    “For example, we already buy coffee seeds, 2 million seedlings of coffee, but can’t be distributed because of collisions with the law," said Vice Governor.

    These working visit also attended by head of the group Commission 2 the House of Representatives Wahidin Halim and its Board, related OPD, Regional Leadership Communication Forum, and other members of the government.


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