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    Unpad Pangandaran Accepted 102 New Students



    KAB.SUMEDANG-University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) in Pangandaran Regency has accepted as many as 102 new students this year.
    During the freshmen welcoming event of Unpad in Jatinangor, Jl. Bandung-Sumedang Km 21, Sumedang regency, on Monday (22/8), Tri Hanggono Achmad as a rector said that Unpad has successfully opened the course as part of a multi-campus program in the District.
    "Unpad has successfully opened a multi-campus starting this academic year," said Tri Hanggono in his speech.
    Furthermore,Tri also said that Unpad Pangandaran has received 102 new students for five (5) courses, namely Fisheries, Livestock, Nursing, Communication Studies, and Business Administration for Strata 1 (S-1).
    Meanwhile, Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, who was present on this occasion said that the opening of Unpad in Pangandaran as a manifestation of government's commitment to improve educational equity across West Java. He also appreciates the regent / mayor who has supported multi-campus program.
    "I think it is very important to be supported, as well as the commitment of some of Regents to build dormitories so close to campus," Deddy said after the ceremony.
    There were 7978 new students accepted this Padjadjaran University in FY 2016/2017. They consist of 277 people for the doctoral program (S-3), 794 for master (S-2), 184 program specialist one, 172 professional program, 6166 people graduate programs (S-1), 377 undergraduate programs applied (D-4), as well as 8 foreign students for master programs. Of these 2,194 of whom are new students who came from West Java.
    Also present at the event Unpad new students, the governor of Maluku province, Said Assagaf. Said was present on this occasion to provide scholarships to students of the Faculty of Geology Unpad from Maluku are entrusted to manage Gas Masela block in Maluku.
    "Unpad entrusted to educate and prepare 30 best sons of the province of Maluku to manage Masela as the potential of the region," said Rector Tri Hanggono in this event.

    "Nyaah ka Jabar" Programme
    "Nyaah ka Jabar" is a program for students from West Java in order to study at Padjadjaran University. The program initiated by the 10th rector Ganjar Kurnia to encourage an increase in the gross enrollment ratio (GER) in West Java and West Java to produce quality human resources.
    "It's time local leaders (Regent / Mayor) start taking advantage of the graduates in this program to be able to serve their respective regions," said Tri Hanggono in the event.
    In FY 2016/2017 there have been 298 students from educational programs and 112 students Physician Specialist Doctor program that has signed a willingness to perform service or placement in an area that is in need, especially in West Java. They will serve after completion received his education at Padjadjaran University. In addition, the program also as part of the acquisition cost of education in both the study program.
    It was welcomed by the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar. According to him, the current West Java with a population of more than 46 million people in dire need of experts in the field of health.
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