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    Aher: This Success is Because of The West Java ASN



    BANDUNG-Since 2008 to 2016, West Java province have received more than 220 national and international awards.

    According to West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan, success thanks to the performance of civil servants or ASN in their respective environments.

    "The governors and Vice Governors, and mayors, regents only subject to impact, but that really makes this success is the ASN or the civil servants," he said in a speech in the 71st anniversary of West Java province, on Gasibu, Friday (19/8).

    In addition, Aher also advised that the ASN continues to improve their performance so that this achievement can be maintained.

    "Reaching this achievement is difficult, but to maintain the accomplishments is much heavier. Therefore, it continues to improve the performance of ASN so that achievement can be maintained," he said.

    In commemoration of the 71st anniversary of West Java province, handed over gifts and awards to districts / cities that excel in the areas of governance and financial governance area. (PUN)

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